Don't Throw Away Broken Equipment

We offer equipment repairs and maintenance in Breaux Bridge, LA and beyond

Your favorite chainsaw is dull or its chain is broken. Don't start browsing the internet for a replacement just yet. Breaux Bridge Rentals offers equipment repair and maintenance services for companies in the Breaux Bridge, LA area.

We sell replacement parts and accessories for your most used equipment. You can also come to us to sharpen your equipment so they work like new again. Reach out to us right away to get your equipment back in top condition.

How can we fix your equipment?

Don't waste money on new equipment when your old equipment can be repaired. At Breaux Bridge Rentals, we can:

  • Replace broken chainsaw parts
  • Sharpen lawn mower blades
  • Rebuild equipment carburetors
  • Repair and maintain small engines
  • Changeout starter pully ropes and rewind springs

We're a factory-authorized service center for Stihl engines. We'll load your fixed equipment onto our heavy-duty trucks and trailers to deliver them right to your location.

Call us today at 337-332-5770 for efficient equipment maintenance and repair services in Breaux Bridge, LA or beyond.

Equipment Repairs and Services:

Chain Saw Sharpening

Chain Saw Sharpening

Do you have a good chain saw with a dull or broken chain? Bring your chain saw to Breaux Bridge Sales & Rental for chain sharpening. We also sell new replacement chains and other chain saw parts and accessories.

  • Chain saw chain sharpening
  • Replacement chains, parts and accessories
  • Available for most makes and models

Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening

Blades eventually become dull during normal use. To keep your equipment cutting efficiently, sharpen the blade periodically. We use specially designed sharpening tools to do the job right.

  • Keep your equipment cutting easily
  • Any type of blade sharpened
  • Ask about our lawn mower maintenance service

Small Engine Repair

Your equipment is an investment, by taking the few simple steps to maintain it, you ensure peak performance and a long service life.
Factory Authorized Service Center for STIHL ENGINES.

  • Carburetor rebuilding
  • Small engine repair and maintenance
  • Starter pulley rope and rewind spring replacement

Available for heavy equipment rentals such as our bulldozers and backhoe loaders.

We use heavy duty trucks and trailers to transport our rental equipment safely and efficiently to your location.

Feel free to Contact Us to arrange delivery for your heavy equipment rental.